Simply Chic Permanent Cosmetics - Accenting the Simply Beautiful YOU with Micropigmentation!
Welcome to SCPC!
Simply Chic Permanent Cosmetics is dedicated to helping you look fabulous and feel fabulous!  Here, you will find the very best in colors and techniques used in micro-pigmentation for paramedical and cosmetic micro- pigmentation. Special work is  provided for permanent make up, facial resurfacing, scar revisions including areola application for  cancer patients.
Facial resurfacing by needling induces your own body's response to produce collagen, ridding the face of wrinkles and pesky age spots we find as we age.
Those Brows which are thin, sparse or non-existent may be enhanced and defined, producing a youthful look. Permanent eyeliner will shape the eyes beautifully and is a wonderful way to wake up each morning with make-up! Permanent micro-pigmentation will be a soft, natural look by day, and  used as a base in the evening before adding a darker, more alluring eyeliner.  The lips may be shaped with a lip liner or by adding a fuller, more voluptuous filled lip.And...the result of any permanent cosmetics is a natural and beautiful color on your skin!

   Always Remember to                    Inquire about SPECIALS!!!          

Professionally Trained with Advanced Paramedical Training, Licensed and Insured
All consultations are included in the pricing. Please call for your free consultation!
$300 upper or lower lid
$400 for both upper and lower
$350, or $375 for feathering
$300 liner only  and $350 for Full lips.
$225 per area
$225 per area or $650 for FULL facial
$150 per area
Micropigmentation is a process.  The second appointment - enhancement or post-op visit is needed in 4 weeks to provide a more optimal look needed for each client ($95 per visit). Plus many clients will be advised/and wish for a  last post op appointment, again 1 month later.
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